The mission of our group.


Faith - We want to share our faith through example, teaching, and testimonies. We want to work together to help each other embrace discipleship. We want men to grow in their faith.


Family – Families are a vital part of our lives, and we want to include them. We will continue to do family activities such as Pressing the Limits and others in the months to come. This is designed to help build strong relationships between the wives, children, and the men. We want to be able to do events that help strengthen the relationships of families whether those familes belong to a church or not.


Friendship - By reaching out and developing friendships with men of our group, we will be able to build a strong relationship with each family. We can then use these friendships to reach out to our surrounding community.


Fun - One of our goals is to break secular opinion that Christians are boring and don’t know how to have a good time. We want to be able to show men, whether they are part of a church or not, that being part of our family can be fun.


Food – Feed our hearts then feed our men.