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Our goal, reach the lost men of this world.  We believe that in order to accomplish this goal that we first need to start with the churches and build successful men’s groups. We need to train and disciple men to reach out to the lost. We are here to help you develop your men’s ministry, to support them, and help them have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


We are non-denominational, it dosen’t matter what church you attend.  We are not here to grow church numbers by transferring men from one church to another. Our mission is to grow the kingdom of God.


This year God has laid the “SMILE” program on our hearts to help men reach out and be-friend other men. It is designed to be easy to do, so that you can begin building those relationships with men in your community. It is based on pay it forward. Check it out and let us know how we can help you build or support your men’s ministry.